Front Door Style of the Month: Rockdoor Warwick Composite Door

Rockdoor Warwick Composite Door in White

Rockdoor Warwick: Our Front Door Composite Door Style of the Month

At Double Glazing Dundee, we are excited to highlight the Rockdoor Warwick as our Front Door Composite Door Style of the Month. This door combines exquisite design with unparalleled functionality, making it a top choice for homeowners in Dundee seeking both aesthetic appeal and robust security.

Elegant Design and Customisation

The Warwick composite door features a distinctive central glazing aperture flanked by symmetrical rectangular mouldings, adding a touch of elegance to any home. Below the letter plate, additional rectangular mouldings enhance its visual appeal. Available in a wide range of colours including White, Black, Anthracite Grey, Slate Grey, Agate Grey, Cream, Chartwell Green, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Light Oak, Irish Oak, and Rosewood, the Warwick allows for extensive customisation to match your personal style and home exterior​.

Unmatched Security and Durability

Rockdoor is renowned for its security features, and the Warwick door is no exception. It incorporates Rockdoor’s unique S-Glaze technology, reinforced frames, and solid brass hook locks running the full length of the door’s outer frame. This ensures that the door cannot be forcibly opened, providing top-level security for your home.

The Warwick’s construction includes a 360° aluminium reinforced inner frame and high-density thermally efficient PU foam, enhancing both strength and thermal efficiency. This door has received multiple accreditations, including the Secured by Design status, confirming its superior security features.

Rockdoor Warwick Front Door


Thermal Efficiency

The Warwick door excels in thermal efficiency, thanks to its thick door sash, reinforced inner frame encapsulated in PVC-U, and high-density polyurethane foam. These features ensure that the door keeps the cold out and the warmth in, making it an excellent choice for energy-conscious homeowners in Dundee​

Stunning Glass Designs

The Warwick offers a variety of beautiful glass designs, including the new Reveal glass design with reeded sections and rectangular leaded areas, adding sophistication and personality to the door. Other popular glass designs include Border and Haze.

Expert Installation

To ensure your new Warwick door is perfectly installed, we recommend using Rockdoor Trusted Installers. These experts are trained to fit Rockdoor composite doors with precision, ensuring maximum security and efficiency​. When providing your Rockdoor quote we can connect you with a Rockdoor Trusted Installer in Dundee to install your new Rockdoor composite door.


The Rockdoor Warwick is more than just a door; it is a statement of style, security, and efficiency. Its elegant design, superior security features, and excellent thermal performance make it the ideal choice for homeowners in Dundee. Get in touch with Double Glazing Dundee today to explore composite doors that will transform your home.

Discover the perfect blend of beauty and strength with the Rockdoor Warwick – our Front Door Composite Door Style of the Month.